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Professional Licenses


National licensing examinations of medical radiological technician


Radiation protection personnel (1. Equipment capable of producing ionizing radiation; 2. Sealed


    radioactive materials; 3.Unsealed radioactive materials;4. nuclear reactor facilities)


Radiation used personnel (1. Equipment capable of producing ionizing radiation; 2. Sealed


    radioactive materials; 3.Unsealed radioactive materials;4. nuclear reactor facilities)


Medical Physicans’ Association licensing examinations of Medical Physican



Curriculum and Program



The teaching, research, and clinical programs associated with the Department of Radiological


Technology and the Institute and Radiological Science at the Tzu Chi University of Science and


Technology focus on:



(1)Medical imaging including ultrasonic imaging, computer tomography, magnetic resonance


     imaging, and digital imaging processing;



(2)Nuclear medicine including radiopharmacology for diagnosis and treatment, and single photon


     and positron emission tomography;



(3)Radiation therapy including radiation physics in treatment planning, radiation dosimetry,


     radiation measurements, and radiobiology.



Bachelor’s Degree Program



Students enrolled in the 4-year bachelor’s program must complete 26 credit hours of general education

courses, 103 credit hours of professional 
courses (13 hours of biology courses, 31 hours of math/computer


science courses and 59 hours of radiology courses), and 12 credit hours of practicum courses in hospital.


The course structure is shown below:






General Education Course

Chinese;English;Fundamentals of Computer Science; Tzu-Chi Philosophy; Physical Education

Chemistry(Lecture/Lab); Biology(Lecture/Lab); Physics(Lecture/Lab);Calculus

Fundamental Core Course


Radiobiology;Physics of Radiology; Radiochemistry

Professional Core Course

Special Radiographic Technology;Medical Ultrasound(Lecture/Lab);CT; MRI; Radiological Technology(Lecture/Lab);Radiologic Instrumentation

Fundamentals of Medical Imaging;PACS

Radiation Therapy Physics; Radiation Therapy Technology; Radiation Therapy Instrumentation

Nuclear Medicine Technology; Nuclear Medicine Instrumentation; Radiopharmaceuticals

Clinical Practicum

Medical Radiology

Nuclear Medicine

Radiation Oncology