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Mission Statement

The educational goal of our department is to rigorously educate our students in diverse fields of medical imaging and radiological sciences that build on a strong foundation in engineering, physics, chemistry, mathematics, biology, radiation sciences and in addition to clinical training in the teaching hospitals and clinics, and then develop a core competency in a specific specialized area of medical radiation sciences.


Main Objectives

Our programs aim:

  • To develop academic programs and curricula that satisfies the requirement of professions;
  • To teach in both traditional and the computer-assisted teaching methods with well functioning classrooms and laboratories;
  • To provide clinical laboratory and hospitals programs with up to date knowledge and skills to meet the scientific and technological needs in radiological sciences related fields;
  • To provide students with guidance and feedback regarding their academic and clinical performance;
  • To train students to become qualified radiological technologist, radiation protection technologists and medical physicists.


Learning Outcomes

Our graduates will:

  • Equip with professional knowledge and skills in the field of medical imaging and radiological sciences;
  • Be able to work in a clinical environment and also in a research laboratory, and succeed in building careers in academic and industrial fields;
  • Demonstrate evidence-based practice to identify the problem and causes and solve the problem properly;
  • Show the professional attitudes and ethics to interact appropriately with other care providers, administrators, patients and their families;
  • Realize the importance of life-long learning and professional development to maintain clinical competence.